The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie by William Joyce

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Tittle: The Sandman: The story of Sanderson Mansnoozie      Author: William Joyce

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers   Year of publication: 2012.


 William Joyce is an american writter an illustrator. Is the author of several books for children, among those, The Guardians of the Childhood,  which inspired the film Rise of the Guardians (DreamWorks). He was also the author of  characters for animation films such as Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. In 2012 he won an Oscar (together with Brandon Olferburg) for the best  animation short film for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  Do not hesitate to fly with Mr. Morris…


Sandman is the second picture book of a book series named The Guardians of ChildhoodThe Guardians of Childhood (The Man in the Moon, Nicholas St. North, Toothiana, Sandman and E. Aster bunnymund)  protect children from Shadow, the King  of Nightmares. The Man in the Moon needs to keep children safe at nights. He can do it alone, except when the moon is less than full and bright. For this purpose, will ask for the help of Sanderson Mansnoozie (Sandman), who flies with his shooting star making people’s dreams come true… With extraordinary illustrations, its reading teaches us that to dream and to face to our fears is the first step to overcome them.

Dr. Guilera – Dr.Bayarri


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