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The Neuroscience of Freedom and Creativity: Our predictive brain

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Title: The Neuroscience of Freedom and Creativity: Our predictive brain.

Author: Joaquín M. Fuster

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2013

Joaquin M. Fuster (born in Barcelona in 1930), is one of the most important neuroscientist. His research has focused in the the understanding of the neural structures underlying cognition and behavior, and is the author of several books and hundreds of papers.

Decide is a brain ability to choose between alternatives. For Fuster the hability to take decisions rely on the integrity of the cerebral cortex and the interaction with the environment. One of the main questions is how the brain produces the new from the old. How we can explain creativity. Is clear that the difference between humans and animals is on the prefrontal regions. Prefrontal regions are more than a single director of the orchestra: they play a central role in goal-directed actions and inhibitory control.

Another actor on this play is language and memory. Fuster was the first describing “memory cells” in the primate brain. Our capacity to predict the future rely on our capacity to put ideas on the correct order to create a logical history.

We think that this is a fascinating book you should read!!

“Professor Fuster’s insights regarding brain function are always priceless. Now, based on his unprecedent word on understanding the most complex portion of the brain -the frontal lobes-he has put forth a cogent view of the biological basis underlying the notion of “free will”. Like his other books, this one is a pleasure to read and will be throroughly enjoyed by anyone interested in the relationship between the brain and behavior” 

Mark D’Eposito, MD, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, and Director of the Henry H. Wheeler, Jr. Brain Imaging Center. University of California, Berkeley.

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